50 Citizens Way, Suite 304 Keep in mind that events are evolving and to consider this a living document that could change frequently as new information and new policies become available/are enacted. Visit ASI’s Professional Liability Insurance Program website to learn even more about this exclusive program for NASW members. (https://www.aswb.org/covid-19). ET, Please note that the process for licensure has changed now that the Board of Social Work Examiners is working remotely. We are also working to create resources and supports for the social work community in New Jersey and across the nation. Submit. Professional liability: Covers you for professional services provided as a behavioral and allied health professionals. For information on policies through our My NASW Health Choice program, call 866-206-8509. However, coverage is available via policy endorsement. Overseen by social workers, we strive to meet the diverse and evolving needs of social workers through quality, competitive insurance programs, and risk management educational services. Governor Murphy's March 22, 2020 press release indicates that "an announcement regarding a regional telehealth initiative will follow.". Now, CMS is broadening that list to include many behavioral health and patient education services. Guidance from NJ Division on Medical Assistance & Health Services to Medicaid Providers - March 21, 2020 (Added 3/24/20) At NASW Assurance Services, social workers and their mission comes first. More information on ASWB testing during COVID and other COVID related licensure updates are available on the ASWB website. CMS is also increasing payments for these telephone visits to match payments for similar office and outpatient visits. Practice Guidelines for Reopening Social Work Practices (Added 5/18/20) Enclosed please find your policy documents (proof of coverage). Remote field activity, as well as field supervision and field seminar hours, may be counted toward the accrual of field hours, per earlier CSWE recommendations. Customer ID: 4B6LE2C836 3/3/2020 Germe Poston 1108 95th street east Tacoma, WA 98445 Thank you for purchasing your Student Liability policy with the NASW Risk Retention Group. If you are considering offering telemedicine services to a client located outside of New Jersey and you are not already licensed to practice social work in that state, NASW-NJ strongly recommends you contact that state’s NASW Chapter for guidance or reach out to that state’s social work licensing authority. Stream On-Demand, School Social Work During COVID-19Recorded live on 4-3-20Stream On-Demand, Healthcare Social Work Shared Interest Group: Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Social Work In New Jersey, a practitioner must be licensed in New Jersey in order to provide telemedicine services within the state. This includes "alternative technologies for telehealth such as an audio only telephone or video technology commonly available on smart phones and other devices." Agencies. We’ll be sure to get back to you right away! Stream On-Demand, Teletherapy & COVID-19 Update The COVID-19 pandemic has caused NASW Assurance Services and the NASW Risk Retention Group to receive an inordinate number of phone calls from social workers asking a variety of questions. This company does not have any Supplemental Data. Founded in 1955, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world, with more than 120,000 members. Agencies – Outpatient Clinical Services; Schools. NASW Assurance Services, Inc The NASW Risk Retention Group is the only insurance carrier in the nation that offers the lowest cost stand-alone insurance policy protection against cyber risks. Read the full April 30 guidance from CMS. Can I do this online instead of submitting a written request? PLEASE NOTE: All therapies, services, or activities that involve Equine Therapy and/or Canine Therapy are excluded from all NASW Risk Retention Group Inc. Claims-Made Liability policies. When required by law (e.g., by public health law), to an authorized public health authority; For the control of disease, even if not legally required, the minimum necessary information may be disclosed to an authorized public health authority; Notify the client regarding exactly what information will be shared and why; If possible, notify the client in advance and obtain their signed consent before the disclosure; Only the minimum necessary information should be disclosed. It should also be noted that New Jersey has laws and regulations regarding health information and what is required to protect and secure it. The NASW Assurance Services, Inc. (ASI) and its insurance company, NASW Risk Retention Group (RRG), are pleased to announce that the well-known NASW-Endorsed professional liability insurance program (PLI) will be available to all social workers, regardless of NASW membership status, beginning in May 2018. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, students who have completed 85% of the required placement hours (i.e., 340 hours for baccalaureate programs and 765 hours for master’s programs) to a satisfactory level may, at program discretion, be evaluated as having met the field placement requirements. The payments are retroactive to March 1, 2020. Yes, you can change this information online by navigating to the “Customer Service” tab at the top of the page. You can also watch our webinar "Preparing to Reopen Your Practice Post-Lockdown.". If you do not appear as directed in the subpoena, you could be found in contempt of court which could result in a fine or jail time. Read the press release from the Division of Consumer Affairs authorizing expedited licensing for out of state social workers. Except for the NASW Risk Retention Group, virtually no insurance carriers have it as an affordable insurance addition for social workers. CMS has created a list of codes that permit audio-only telehealth delivery. Medicare: April 30 update: CMS previously announced that Medicare would pay for certain services conducted by audio-only telephone between beneficiaries and their doctors and other clinicians. NASW Risk Retention Group Rated Among Highest in the Nation. Apply for expedited out of state licensure. Following are various phone numbers to the customer and service centers for various NASW Assurance Services insurance programs. All Rights Reserved. The NASW-Endorsed program is structured as a Risk Retention Group (RRG), which is a liability insurance company created for the benefit of NASW members and owned by its insured members. The current COVID-19 pandemic presents social workers with a number of challenges to address in ensuring their own health and safety, continuity of care for clients, and the well-being of the community at large. New Jersey’s telemedicine law requires that telemedicine services be provided via HIPAA compliant software. We have found that most of the calls relate to remote practice methods. Please note that the process for licensure has changed now that the Board of Social Work Examiners is working remotely. A note on private insurers: Several health plans have announced that they will make telehealth more widely available or offering telehealth services for free for a certain period of time. Stream On-Demand, Adolescents & Young Adults: Parenting During COVID-19 Parents, Kids & Mental Health During COVID-19 © 2020 by NASW New Jersey Chapter. These include: NASW has not vetted these products, nor can we recommend one platform over the other. There are several, free or low-cost HIPAA compliant videoconference services that meet state requirements and can be used to conduct telemedicine sessions. This option for reduced hours is for students whose field completion dates occur by December 31, 2020. While we recognize this as a valid step taken by the Federal government to increase access to telemedicine services during this time of crisis, NASW-NJ recommends providers continue to use HIPAA compliant telemedicine platforms whenever possible, consistent with our Code of Ethics and client confidentiality guidelines. This guidance applies to insurers who are subject to regulation by DOBI including Horizon BCBS of NJ, the State Health Benefits Plan and the School Employees Health Benefit Plan. While several provisions of the Code arguably permit the public health disclosures described above, disclosure even of a client’s name might be viewed as a breach of confidentiality. The NASW Risk Retention Group, NASW Assurance Services, and Western Litigation have teamed up to produce a series of three podcasts to guide behavioral health professionals on the subject of teletherapy during the COVID-19 pandemic. If disclosure is necessary: Read the full preliminary guidance from NASW National: Social Workers' Disclosure Responsibilities During the Pandemic. Practitioners should research each company’s website to ensure they are choosing a HIPAA compliant package and that they provide a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) to ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations. However, if the state’s privacy law is more protective than HIPAA, the state’s restrictions on disclosure of protected health information will continue to apply. Policy Number. General liability: Protects you, your business, and your employees from claims involving bodily injury or property damage up to the limits of your policy. Read the full March 21 DMAHS bulletin. The HIPAA Privacy Rule identifies a number of situations where this prohibition does not apply. NJ's Social Work Licensing Regulations (13:44G-12.3) state: a) A social worker shall preserve the confidentiality of information obtained from a client in the course of performing social work services for the client, including after the death of a client, except in the following circumstances. NASW Assurance Services, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NASW, responsible for designing, securing, and overseeing high quality, competitive insurance, financial, and other programs and services offered to social workers. Please find the updated process for licensure during COVID-19, While we recognize this as a valid step taken by the Federal government to increase access to telemedicine services during this time of crisis, NASW-NJ recommends providers continue to use HIPAA compliant telemedicine platforms whenever possible, consistent with our, “How to Talk to Your Kids About Coronavirus”. Most often that will be your entire file on the clie… Stream On-Demand, The Practice of Mattering During the Time of Social Distancing Recorded live on 4-9-20 Availability is first come, first served. Standard Skype, Facetime, and other video communications software do NOT meet the requirements for compliance. Out of state Social Workers - Apply for expedited NJ licensure (Added 3/20/20) Liability Insurance Products for Social Workers! We’ve managed the Professional Liability program for over 48,000 social workers. Emergency response policies are rapidly changing as industries respond to COVID-19 and the private insurance market is no exception. CSWE Alters Field Hours Required for Social Work Students (Added 3/26/20) NASW RISK RETENTION GROUP INC License ... 14366. Governor Murphy Signs Legislation to Expand Telehealth Access and Expedite Licensure of Out-of-State Professionals (added 3/20/20) PLEASE NOTE: All therapies, services, or activities that involve Equine Therapy and/or Canine Therapy are excluded from all NASW Risk Retention Group Inc. Claims-Made Liability policies. 1) Disclosure is required by Federal or state law or regulation. ASWB State-by-State COVID-19 Social Work Licensure Provisions (Added 3/30/20). We will discuss what this means to you and your practice in this article. 3) Disclosure is required by a court of competent jurisdiction pursuant to a judge's order. Most standard professional liability insurance policies do NOT cover telemedicine services. 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NASW National COVID-19 Page  The NASW Code of Ethics strictly protects client confidentiality.
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