join now! I bought phantom power that didnt work then i got a art tube preamp that provided jus a lttle sound to tha mic wit very distorted noise Then i got this thing called The Tascam US 122 but i returned it cuz it waz hard to install on XP and had alot of problems. I didn't find the 990 to be particularly bright personally but that may have to do with differences in preamps, etc. login: join with facebook. Both MXL mics are very efficient at eliminating background noises not produced by the sound source. But even without those features, if you put in the time to create a good setup, you can still produce a decent sound. Last but not least, you should find the right recording software and have some fun. As a part of MXL’s “900 Series,” this mic is distributed exclusively by Guitar Center and its various online sales divisions. The MXL 770 and 990 have a cardioid polar pickup pattern. Hey, after two-and-a-half years of no use I've decided to put my MXL 990 XLR mic back to use with my Asus Zenbook Pro UX501 laptop as opposed to my previous desktop setup, but I'm currently getting no audio output. is anybody try the MXL 990 as drums overheads, If so , what do you think,,, thank's ... not registered yet? MXL 990. SoundOnSound, 2005. It has a pretty decent sound and will pick up pretty much everything in the room as it's quite sensitive. MXL 990 Cons 1. Along with the microphone, I have a Behringer PS400 Micropower Phantom Power Supply, and XLR->USB and XLR->XLR cables. I have been playing with the software the past couple days, and I have installed all the drivers for the AudioBox, but no matter what I seem to do, I can not get Studio One to detect my MXL 990 mic as it's plugged into the AudioBox. Recently I decided to start using two condensers for acoustic guitar and also for piano to broaden the stereo field a bit. Once you have done that you should connect the condenser mic to the mixer, and the mixer to the sound card. MXL 990 is the pressure gradient condenser microphone. This is an analog microphone you are getting at a nominal cost. Still no sound pickup! If you need features like that for your setup, check out MXL’s 770 mic. The MXL 990 is quite a popular mic and for a pretty good reason considering the price. The goal of this company has always been to produce high-quality microphones at affordable rates. Another investment that you should make if you want the best results is a sound card that supports a 1/4 inch jack. The MXL 990 for me was surprising clear for the money. MXL is the brand in the microphone world since 1980 founded by Leonard Marshall. I have a Rode Ntk tube driven mic which has a fantastic sound and well priced (I love it) I also acquired a cheap Mxl 990, someone just gave it to me. The MXL 990 benefits from a no-frills approach, while other mics come with switches for things like high-pass filtering and attenuation pads. However, the 990 is slightly cleaner but I found it lacked in the mid/low range especially but was thinner in general. How make MXL 990 Microphone Work in computer I got a MXL 990 Microphone and am trying to find out how to make it work in my computer. I have the AudioBox selected as the audio device and "record" selected on the audio track. To me it sounded a bit dull compared to the NT1a. They are both very sensitive with a sensitivity level of 15mV/Pa and can pick up even the tiniest of sounds.
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