* The screw is … Is there a better way to get at these fasteners or a better technique to use then just going at it with a drill and some elbow grease? Our stain remover and cleaner work great at cleaning and preparing the surface of your composite deck for the refresh toner. For early-generation composite products (Trex Accents ®, Trex Origins ®, Trex Contours ®, Trex Profiles® or Trex Brasilia ®), we recommend a semi-annual cleaning with a composite deck cleaner. No Cam-Out Auto-Stop mechanism prevents screw recess stripping. The Cortex Hidden Fastening System includes decking screws, decking plugs and a TORX ttap drive system that offers a completely hidden fastener surface in leading PVC trim boards … When used in combination with epoxy coated or stainless steel fasteners, it gives builders the ability to choose the right screw for a wide variety of applications. Our FastenMaster Video Library includes our Ask the FastenMaster product how-to videos, PROStar Pride in Craftsmanship contractor spotlight videos, and PROTips building … Find Composite deck screws at Lowe's today. An existing Trex deck needs to be relocated on a house and the wear surface "boards" need to come up for later reinstallation. No predrilling required. Both decking and trim bits included. If debris, such as pollen and dirt, is allowed to remain on the deck’s surface, mold can feed on the biofilm. Remove the plugs by turning that strip of wood on edge and ripping it at the depth that will produce the thickness of plug that you want. Using a metal shovel or a shovel lined with metal will scratch your decking. Be sure to shovel parallel to the direction the boards are laid. Pro Tip: The last board may need to be ripped; it may look better against the house than on the outer rim. Get free shipping on qualified Composite Deck Screw Hole Plug/Cork products or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today. How to Clean Mold and Mildew from Composite Decking Get the most seamless installation possible with our exclusive composite decking hidden fasteners. 2. If you need to shovel snow off of your deck, gently use a plastic shovel or a broom to remove snow. Removing Nails, Screws, or Hidden Deck Fasteners Backup and remove deck fasteners attached the damaged decking board using a pry bar, screwdriver or drill. DuraLife decking offers three composite decking hidden fastening systems to make deck installation fast, easy and flexible.

Get a consistent and secure installation for your PVC deck trim boards with the new Pro Plug System for AZEK Trim. Insert the appropriate driver bit into the Pro Plug® PVC/Composite Tool. The balusters are the vertical square posts on either side of a section. The RockSolid Composite Deck Refresh product line is an all encompassing solution. Only DuraLife offers customers the unique opportunity to select their favorite decking color at a performance and price level they can afford. Approved for decking from … It should remove the algae, but it won’t stop it from reappearing. Designed specifically for our wood composite boards, these fasteners provide superior holding power that fits securely into grooved profiles. Wood and composite decking materials warm up when the temperatures move into the 90s, but PVC decks can actually turn painfully hot for bare feet. The Pro Plug tool ensures that the screw is in the right place for the plug … Drive the screw with the PVC/Composite Tool in a straight and stable fashion with a standard drill. TrapEase 3 Screws offer anti-fade head paint, an anti-strip drive, and a lifetime corrosion warranty. FastenMaster TrapEase 3 screws are composite deck screws for installation of composite, PVC, and capstock decking. Drives fasteners to the correct depth every time in deck & trim applications. Starborn® Pro Plug® System for PVC & Composite (Epoxy Coated & Stainless) (2” are approved for sleeper & roof top applications only) X X X Simpson Strong-Tie® Deck Drive™ DCU Composite Screw & DCU Screw Plugs (Handdrive only & must also use Auto-Set Drive Bit) X X X DECKING–COMPOSITE … Instead of using screws, composite decking makers have designed hidden fastening systems that create a clean, smooth surface while providing a solid, stable connection to the deck frame. Removing a Plug and Screw • Using a trim screw (#7 or smaller), center the point in the plug you are looking to remove. Choose from a full assortment of color-matched deck screws for a perfect color match to your deck or fascia boards. The “DECK” bit is for PVC/Composite decking; the “TRIM” bit is for PVC trim. And Demo-Dek works on almost any deck removal scenario, such as nailed or screwed deck planks, in decking … DuraLife decking is manufactured from a proven polypropylene-based capped composite formula which provides superior strength and performance characteristics when compared to other composite and PVC decking products. Pro Fastening Systems provide a seamless installation of composite deck or fascia boards while camouflaging deck screw heads. Gently scrub the deck with a soft-bristled brush to remove any built-up dirt on the deck. Enter your zip code to find a dealer offering FastenMaster LOK Line Structural Wood Screws, Cortex Hidden Fastening Systems, composite deck screws, Tiger Claw Hidden Deck Clips, PAMFast AutoFeed Systems and FLEX Hot Melt Construction Adhesive products. They are fast and efficient to use, as it only takes a few seconds to install each plug. Shop deck screws and a variety of hardware products online at Lowes.com. Place a wood block under the cap. If the decking fasteners can't be taken out, cut the board into pieces and remove the deck board in … Give one of our expert deck specialists a call at 1-888-824-5316 and check out the helpful deck lighting guides and videos below! Once the deck has been scrubbed, rinse thoroughly with clean water, ensuring all the soapy water has been rinsed clear from the deck. Pre-Drilled Rail Posts Make the … It helps you create a fastener-free look for your deck. Rinse with Clean Water. While composite decking typically lasts longer than traditional wood decking, it is much more expensive than its counterpart. Pro Plug PVC Plugs and Epoxy Screws for Trex Pebble Grey Decking, 85 Plugs for 20 sq ft, 75 Epoxy… $35.91 In Stock. Fastening deck boards and trim can result in visible screws which can distract from the beauty of your outdoor project. How to Frame a Deck Guide Composite Decking Image Gallery Slowly install the screw until the point passes through the plug and “bottoms out” on the screw head below. The Deck-Drive DCU screw plug solution is a complete hidden deck-fastening system designed for use with our premium DCU Composite screws, and is composed of DCU screw plugs and the auto-set driver bit (each sold separately). The DuraLife Step-Clip™ , and Fastenator systems are ideal for installing interior deck boards, while the Cortex Plugs are … Remove the plug using the screw as a handle. DecksDirect carries several varieties of plug systems which allow for traditional face-fastening of decking, but with the added benefit of concealed screw heads. Scratches on TimberTech Decking. Sold by Seashell World and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Made from the same decking material, these plugs compliment popular brands like Azek, TimberTech and Trex. The Pro Plug System for Trex Decking - 375 Pack is a superior and easy-to-install plug fastening system for Trex Decking. They are installed with countersunk hex-head screws and over 50% are stripping out in a test area. This Deckorators Pro Plug system is a high quality plugging system for Deckorators decking. Tap the caps off of the two balusters on either side of the damaged spindle. Composite decking can easily handle winter weather such as snow. Cable Rails Are Faster & More Appealing for Clients Than Balusters. The system combines the strength of face fastening with the appealing look of seamlessly matching plugs for a subtle detail without any unsightly hardware. Integrated Plug Fastening System for Hardwood Decks, Flooring and Woodworking. I suggest a second treatment using warm, soapy water and a soft-bristle brush. 1. Use starter clips to fasten your first board or surface screws and plug the holes. Pro Plug Tool is Designed to integrate with the PRO PLUG PVC PLUG SYSTEM. Designed for maximum efficiency to remove multiple deck boards in seconds, Demo-Dek helps complete big jobs in a fraction of the time, cutting costs and boosting productivity. The Deck-Drive DCU screw plug solution is a complete Hidden Deck-Fastening System™ designed for use with our premium DCU Composite screws and consists of DCU Composite screws, DCU screw plugs and the Auto-Set Driver™ bit (each sold separately). Depending on the shape of the deck, the first board can start at the house or at the outer rim joist. This avoids any struggle getting the plugs out of the plug cutter and makes it easy to produce plugs at precisely the thickness that you want. According to Ideas for Deck Designs, composite decks may cost between two and five times more than decks built from pressure-treated lumber. Rather than installing screws through the top of every deck board, clips are first attached to the framing boards and the decking is then attached to the clips Works perfectly on Azek and Trex! TimberTech decking boards are made of durable composite lumber that resists fading, rotting and cracking. For Wood Composite Decking.

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