Exercise 6: Follow the question formation steps to make questions to go with the answers in bold. ? Branding Forming Questions Exercise 1 - ask for the underlined word. Core Skills, Learn How to Become the Best Trainer in Your Field, Attend Our 2-Day Train the Trainer Course, Acting Note: For simplification, you can change ‘I’m afraid I have to…’ to ‘Sorry, I have to …’ on the worksheet. In each pair, ask the other person in the group to ask “closed questions” to guess the word written on the card. GOING TO - Making questions GOING TO - Plans for the Future! Choose a topic to see the lessons and exercises. Look at these examples: Jo has won the lottery. This is another topic that your students may find rather easy but it is important to explain the difference in meaning conveyed by using going to instead of will so that they can express themselves more clearly. I’m going to write my homework tonight. 2. Leadership Learn how to conjugate the future tense with going to in English grammar and get tips on its usage in this online English grammar lesson. Learning Affect vs. Effect; A few vs. few / a little vs. little; Boring vs. The only rule is that they cannot ask a direct question about the word written on the card such as, “What is the object?” They can ask questions such as, “What is it made of?”, “What colour is it?”, “What is the use?” and so on. Is it a yes/no question or an information question? Tell the students that they are now going to mix with their classmates and make invitations. support@skillsconverged.com, PO Box 3150 Allocate 5 minutes. Target Language: be going to (future plans), have to, asking questions. English Will future questions exercises. Allow 10 minutes for this part or when all groups have finished. An exercise to complete with going to and the song Next Year by Jamie Cullum with a fill in the gap actv. Are you going to buy a new T-shirt?. Currently 143 Going To worksheets are listed on this page. Check that the auxiliary agrees with the subject for regular questions or that the verb agrees with the subject for be questions. As a second wave of COVID-19 hits many provinces, is it safe to go shopping? Train the Trainer. Practice asking open and closed questions. Invalid Email Address, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Email Is Required 'page_path': url We can add question tags like isn't it?, can you? There are two basic future tenses used to describe things that happen in the future. Public Speaking Use for debates, discussions, speaking, conversations, independent learning and more. Is there a safe way to get together? EXAMPLE: What time are you going to leave this afternoon ? Remember! When would you consider using each type? To see all lessons and exercises in the menu, use the “Show All” button. 3. var google_custom_params = window.google_tag_params; Appraisal CR8 9DF Does anyone know is the test tomorrow going to be very difficult? 1. We use ‘going to’ to talk about our future plans. United Kingdom, Registered in England and Wales. gtag('set', 'linker', { 'domains': ['.skillsconverged.com', 'www.skillsconverged.com', 'e-junkie.com', 'bookwhen.com', 'fatfreecartpro.com', 'paypal.com'] }); (or "go’) Answer: I’m going to take the bus to work. Decision Making Sales Skills Motivation Try this exercise to test your grammar. 4. Stress Management Exercise 2; Future: “Be Going … Company Reg No: 6522877, function trackview(title, url){ Download Free Exclusive Training Resources and Join Our Mailing List: Online Train the Trainer Course: Here are some quick examples: Example of a closed questi… Online exercises, questions and going to future negative sentences. ; When are you going to go on holiday? Collect cards, swap roles, give a new card and repeat the exercise one more time. Resource Management Questioning Skills Cards. 1. Forming Questions Exercise 3 - ask for the underlined word. Creativity The pairs don’t have to stay together; they can split up and invite people by themselves. (The question was “ Is John a doctor”). Creative Writing The future tense with going to, also simple future, can express a logical prediction or a future plan. Art Download a free comprehensive training package including training guidelines, soft skills training activities, assessment forms and useful training resources that you can use to enhance your courses. Forming Questions Exercise 5 - ask for the underlined word. Exercise on Future I Simple (going to) Write questions in going tofuture. Before going through this activity, you will need to cover what open and closed questions are. The Difference between 'a few/few/a little/little', The Difference between "Other" & "Another", The Social Dilemma: A Lesson on Social Media (Upper-Intermediate), The Social Dilemma: A Lesson on Social Media (Advanced), Bad Habits to Break to Improve Your Life (Upper-Intermediate Lesson Plan), Political Correctness (PC) Gone Mad (Upper-Intermediate Lesson Plan), English Grammar: How to Use Relative Pronouns Where/When/Whose in Adjective Clauses, Passive Voice: Intermediate & Advanced Exercises (and Explanation), Tell them they are going to design an activity for this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evening. Persuasion Skills Explain that each card is unique. I hope your students enjoy this speaking activity. Explain that later they will ask their classmates to join the activity. They walk the dog later. Online exercises English grammar and courses Free tutorial Will future questions. ","dismiss":"I Understand","learnMore":"Privacy Policy","link":" /privacy.aspx","theme":"dark-bottom"}; We provide training materials on Soft Skills, Management and Productivity. Before going through this activity, you will need to cover what open and closed questions are. (he / cook dinner / tonight) (you / run / in the race) (they / climb / that mountain) (she / exercise / at the gym / in the afternoon) (you / carry / that heavy box) (computer / crash) (we / eat / fish / tonight) a conclusion regarding the immediate future example: The sky is absolutely dark. Forming Questions Exercise 6 - ask for the underlined word. EXERCISES. It is a rather simple exercise however if executed well it can lead to a profound insight. Going to future matching exercises, quizzes and riddles - English word order. Bored; Compliment vs. Complement; Die vs. Dead vs. Death; Expect vs. What do you think of open and closed question? future tense exercise. Question tags: Grammar test 1. Divide the delegates to pairs. It is going to rain. Let them mix and do it. WH- QUESTIONS with 'be going to' - word order: WH- word(s) + correct form of 'be' + subject + "going to" + base form of main verb + other words ? Make the questions to the answers below using these words to start: WHAT - WHERE - WHEN - WHO - WHY - ARE (x2) - IS - WHO Be going to - future Exercises: elementary 01 . Often, it doesn't really matter if we choose 'be going to' or the present continuous. Activity: 10 min * 2 rounds + 5 min * 2 rounds = 30 minutes. Body Language A collection of English ESL worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and English classes to teach about be, going, to, be going to Going To - Negative Complete the following sentences using the negative of going to. Illustration Question Tags Quiz – English online exercises 270 0 13265 Continuous , English , exercises , online , Perfect , Present , Present Perfect Continuous , Present Perfect Continuous Quiz , Present Perfect Continuous test , Quiz A: Yes, John is a doctor. This section is the second section on the future simple and focuses on using going to. Personal Impact He’s not going to play football anymore. Yes/No Questions; Wh-Questions; How far vs. How long; Word Differences. In the free exercises, you can test your knowledge. It is a rather simple exercise however if executed well it can lead to a profound insight. English Going to future exercises. They’re going to watch a film this weekend.. Be careful! This is a free intermediate English grammar quiz and esl worksheet. Experience; Go home vs. Go to home; Had better vs. have to/must; Have to vs. Have got to South London You need two cards for each delegate. Exercises. English lesson on GOING TO. Conflict Management 3rd person plural → are + going to + verb in the basic form; I (move) to another town. Customer Support: Outdoors – Matthew Barton / Creator of Englishcurrent.com. [CDATA[ */ Brainstorming Lesson; Exercise 1; Present Continuous: Negatives and Questions. Test yourself with our free English language quiz about 'Will & Going to'. Exercise #2: Yes/No Questions with the BE Verb (Note: It does not matter if the answer is … Question tags are more common in … The Future With Will . Suspect; Experiences vs. Which type of questioning was faster? We be at the party on Saturday night. Here are some quick examples: Note that both types are useful; open questions are useful for information gathering while closed questions are good for fact checking. 2. For example, Q: _____? If you have an odd number of delegates use a group of 3. At the end, ask each pair who is going to attend their event to see which event was most popular. Did you ever ask the wrong type of question? 4. The person who is answering should reply accordingly and make sure the right type of question has been asked. Questions: personal information; Questions: personal information 2; Yes / no questions: short answers 1; Yes / no questions: short answers 2; Questions - quiz 1; Questions - quiz 2; Yes / no questions - write; Question words - exercises; Wh- questions : exercises; What / when / where / who; Wh- questions : write 'page_title' : title, We sometimes also use the present … Meeting Skills Get Insights - Read Guides and Books - Attend Courses, Emotional Intelligence Exercise: Temperament Analysis, Making Small Talk Exercise: Ask Me a Question, Team Building Exercise: More of, Less of and the Same, Email (required) On each card write a word for an object such as “glass”, “car”, “phone”, “stylus” and “wheel”. Article Exercises (All Levels) Making Questions. Swap roles again and give a new card to each group. Besides these two there are some other future tenses which can be started on the advanced future tenses page. Change Management Forming Questions Exercise 2 - ask for the underlined word. Forming Questions Exercise 4 - ask for the underlined word. Questions exercises Elementary level - 01. Even when you were told to ask open questions, did you tend to ask closed questions automatically? Memory Choose the lesson to begin. Grammar Rule Examples. Be going to - forms; Be going to - exercises; Be going to - match the sentences; Be going to - write the correct form; Going to -future; Be going to - interrogative forms; Be going to - questions: write; Be going to - negative forms; Positive, negative, questions - write 1; Positive, negative, questions - write 2 CHOOSE THE CORRECT WORDS AND WORD ORDER TO MAKE A WH- QUESTION WITH 'be going to'. 3. I'm not going to see him tomorrow. Question: Where is she going to go? Quiz EXAMPLE: Where is Alan going to go tomorrow ? function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);} Diversity The main point to focus on in this exercise is that open questions lead to more information. Grammar test 1. Is it a regular question or be question? Give one card at random to the person in each group who will be answering. Planning Question: Why is he going to be late? someone who likes romantic movies), and once with someone who disagrees. Marketing OK . Icebreakers Productivity Embedded Questions 1 In this exercise, find the sentence with the correctly embedded question. }, What is Included in the Training Materials, Train the Trainer Art of Training Delivery, Free Training Resources, Games, Roleplays, Activities & Downloads. Emotional Intelligence This speaking activity should be done after teaching be going to for future plans (e.g. Those people who tend to ask closed questions too often would benefit the most as they can see that they would get a lot more information if they focused on asking open questions. Problem Solving Delegation Skills Summary: Students design an activity and then invite other classmates to join. Going to future tense - free English online grammar exercises. In the next exercise, look at the answer to a question. }); Your email address will not be published. Verb Tense Exercise 18 Will and Be Going To f t p Using the words in parentheses, complete the text below with the appropriate tenses, then click the "Check" button to check your answers. Ask each group to nominate who would start asking questions and who would answer them. You must prepare the cards before the course. Form question. Difficult People When you are making a decision use will ; use going to after the decision has been made. ESL Conversation Lesson Questions: Free classroom handouts. There are currently no comments, be the first to post one. No sign-up required. Large Group Learn to teach using train the trainer courses. In the following example, there is really very little difference in meaning: I'm going to the cinema tonight. Presentation Skills Going to is used with predictions. 24 hours sales and customer care by email and phone. var google_conversion_id = 1055257147; 2. gtag('config', 'UA-1486717-7'); Storytelling window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; Coaching Online exercises English grammar and courses Free tutorial Going to future. Telephone Skills Type in the verbs in the future simple (going to). Report Writing Team Building Grammar explanation. Assertiveness Go through the exercise and click on "See Results" to check your answers. Mr Potts (sell) his house. Make sure they don’t show their cards to anyone else. I’m going to watch a movie). 1st person singular → am + going to + verb in the basic form var google_remarketing_only = true; Then write the question. Expect that this time the questioners find the answers much more quickly, which is the main point of the exercise. Negotiation This tense is constructed with: be + going to + infinitive. Have them fill in the, Have them add their own activity to their. Subject Explanations: Be Going To Future Will Future Will vs Going To Subject Exercises: Will vs Going To Exercises 1 Will vs Going To Exercise 2. window.cookieconsent_options = {"message":"We use cookies. Worksheet Download: making-plans-activity-esl.docx. Anger Management Swap roles and give a new card to the person who was previously asking questions. Games Example: I _____ see him tomorrow. How do we use going to? Questioning Exercise: Open and Closed Questions, Clock Buddies: Find Your Number 7 Partner, Negotiation Exercise: Compete and Collaborate Simultaneously. The person who is answering should not answer any accidental closed questions and should highlight this to the questioner to ask a new question. Exercises for Kids Attention and Focus Design Those people who tend to ask closed questions too often would benefit the most as they can see that they would get a lot more information if they focused on asking open questions. Click on the button beside the correct answer. Can seniors go for a walk in the mall? English Current recommends Grammarly as a learning tool to reduce English mistakes. This activity helps delegates understand the difference between open and closed questions. Role-play it once with a student who agrees (i.e. Answer: She’s going to be there in a few hours. Communication Skills English Will future questions exercises. example: I am going to study harder next year. Read the explanation to learn more. Role-play the dialogue with a student in front of the class. going to for intention. 3. (note: the link to download the worksheet is above). I'm going to go to the cinema tonight. If you found this page helpful, consider a donation to our hosting bill to show your support! This time the person who is asking questions should only ask open questions. /* ]]> */, Get Updates to Exercise Database by Email. Answer: She’s going to go to the store. gtag('config', 'UA-1486717-7', { I’m going to be a teacher when I’m older. Exercise 3: Wh- Questions ; Present Continuous. Signal Words. 4. Your questions, answered. Giving Feedback Self-esteem Browse the exercises divided into 7 main groups. Next exercise. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. English grammar easy to learn. 3rd person singular → is + going to + verb in the basic form; Our neighbours (spend) their next holidays in the Caribbean. 20 Questions | By Alyssonmcz | Last updated: Jan 15, 2013 | Total Attempts: 486 Questions All questions 5 questions 6 questions 7 questions 8 questions 9 questions 10 questions 11 questions 12 questions 13 questions 14 questions 15 questions 16 questions 17 questions 18 questions 19 questions 20 questions Download our training resources and extend your portfolio to meet market demand and deliver state-of-the-art interactive training courses. Collect the cards and put them in a different pile. Listening Skills Will future questions with free online exercises, examples and sentences, questions and Will future questions negative sentences. We have already made a decision before speaking. Write the correct form of going to or will to complete the dialogue. We use going to when we have the intention to do something before we speak. Customer Services Goal Setting Interview Skills Get delegates to go over a similar exercise while asking closed questions in order to guess the word. Question: When is she going to be there? in one year, next week, tomorrow; Exercises on going to Future. Answer: He’s going to be late because his car isn’t working. We use the present simple tense in two cases. If they agree to go to an event, they should. Don write a letter at the weekend. or didn't they? Don't forget to use the short form. Question: How are you going to get to work? Can you remember what the name of the author who wrote "The Old Man and the Sea" was? This activity helps delegates understand the difference between open and closed questions. The first future tense is the future with "will." You can usually make the negative in two ways. To make it clear that they have to choose whether to join or not. Purley ; We're not going to paint our bedroom tomorrow. 5. gtag('js', new Date()); English grammar easy to learn. /*
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