The sisters relentlessly hunted Aegaeon and upon capturing the creature, tortured him without mercy. [The Master removes his cloak exposing the deformed child on his stomach. [She releases flies and turns Aegaeon's hand into a creepy monster. Meantime Kratos goes to the high sea.] Too bad we can’t sail south of Delos. Kratos: I did not ask for his help. Before the Master approaches... Deformed child: My... Quite persistent, isn't he? Shade: Yes. Never again. . We truly appreciate your support. Scribe: But you received it, nonetheless. I only ask that you try. What’s done is done. Shade: The path of freedom, Kratos. In rage and insanity, Ares hoped to conceive the perfect warrior… but I was only a disappointment to him… it was my mothers who spared me. [Chimera flies in and grabs a pilgrim.] [He teleports along with Kratos.] But he needed the perfect warrior. You have made a poor choice, Spartan. [It turns into something resembling three snakes biting each other. [We return to Aletheia.] Orkos: If you do not release me, my father will retain power over you but even worse, I will live in eternal torture. Glory to Eros. He enters the temple.] Game Scripts Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Seek the oracle. During the reign of. was actually a Han Chinese man called Wang Zhi. Fury: For what you’ve taken, I owe you that. Fury 3: What have you done? Do not let illusion deceive you. Captain: I have watched you over the years. Japanese pirates raided the coastlines. Images leaked online depicting cosmetic assets that will become available once Season 1 launches on December 10. Kratos: Never. Kratos’ wife: You can see her in the morning... Come. Shade: Use these items to still your mind, Kratos. [Kratos is sitting at the table, and, seemingly, drinking heavily. Master: We have to find a better slave trader. "God of War" [He furiously sticks both of his blades into her chest. Kratos: Death first! But it was you, Kratos. And I raised my daughter in the American fashion. I believe these belong to you. Kratos: So the Shade speaks the truth. Aletheia: Do not worry. But his journey did not end there. Master: You have not been asked to speak! For the furies believed death was too kind for this oathbreaker. Leave me be. Web. Didn't you Spartan? [Kratos finds the cup with the ice of Poseidon.] After being betrayed by the gods of Olympus and annulled of his divine powers, Kratos must embark on a journey to meet the Sisters of Fate and take his revenge on Olympus. Sailor 2: They say it is cursed. Mímir, meaning \"the rememberer\" or \"the wise one\" in Old Norse, is a figure in Norse Mythology who is renowned for his knowledge and wisdom. The carnage forged from his relentless ambition… surfaced in perfect clarity… and became the visions that would haunt him all of his days. It was the final task of your bond that made me question the actions of my family. Authors Top. STANDS4 LLC, 2020. The truth waits for you in Delphi, Kratos. Offer yourself to us completely and you shall live in blissful illusion. [They have a brief fight.] (to Kratos) you will return! Lord Ares still holds your bond. [Kratos dodges the strike.] 30. You are strong, but castor is unstoppable. While they are flying down Kratos tears off the deformed child from the body of the Master.] Master: We hope your work is better than that of your friend here. Driven mad, tortured and uncertain of his surroundings, the warrior found himself captured like a fly in the web of the furies. Neither titan nor god, mortal nor shade, the furies were bound to no one for they were the guardians of honor. But he is a Fury. Alecto was never one for manners! God of War won Game of the Year 2018. [The soldier and everything disappears like a mirage.] A special symbol for those who might think to break a blood oath with a god. Orkos was born here. [Kratos is on his knees. They say he was the first marked one but his father didn't like the way he turned out. The first of these traitors was Aegaeon the Hecatonchires. Fury 2: So there is something you value more than ambition. Suddenly Orkos and three sisters-furies appear...] Deformed child: He gains, you idiot! The slaughter of his wife and child. I will take care of him. Pilgrim: No, no, no! We also need strategy. [Having hacked most of the cannibals, Kratos enthusiastically chokes one of them. Aletheia: The intentions of Orkos are pure. Die, mortal! Arrogant fool! Enjoy. Although my burden was great I was determined to be of service to those who said they loved me. Alecto: It has been too long... Sailor 2: They say it is cursed. Fury: Hello, Kratos. Let us leave this wretched place. DON CORLEONE'S HOME OFFICE – DAY BONASERA (seated in front of the Don's desk, facing the camera) I believe in America. Narrator: As Kratos looked upon the gem he realized all he need to do was fight the forces that gnawed at his mind. I was brought forth by the joining of the war god and the Fury queen. Your bond is complete. The statues were to be completed by now. Together we will defeat this mongrel! Kratos: Orkos? Afterward, Odin carries around Mímir's head and it recites secret knowledge to him. Destroy my enemies, and my life is yours. The very beings who forged the earth, raged out of control for an eternity. We will break him within the walls of Hecatonchires. Why Ares needed you? [She hits him a couple of times.] She became a prisoner in her own temple. I must die by your hand. Fury 3: Enough! Kratos: Break an oath with a god? You will need to add the line below in the script. Orkos: There is no other way, Spartan! Fury tries to escape, but Kratos sets off in pursuit.] Aletheia: Across the sea, the lantern of Delos keeps the eyes of truth. The furies are near. Close to the defeat of the furies and finally, close to the freedom he so desperately sought. Kratos: Never! God of War has made some changes to its design, but don't worry, Kratos still gets very angry. At the other end of the room, by the balcony, there is some kind of Captain.] [Kratos looks up at the sky] Kratos: ARES!! Captain: You brought glory to us all and today. [They go to make love. She must have them all. They have 200,000 men stationed in the south, why should samurais fight alongside ronins. They cannot know I speak with you. to turn against the pirates.. [Kratos finds a way to follow the Master.] With but one more request from the … It is not real. He tries to take a necklace off the table, but it turns out to be a mirage. Narrator: In the time before the titans, before the gods of Olympus, a great battle was waged. Spartan soldier: You leave an army in disarray. God Of War PS4 is one of the best games of this generation and the best one in the franchise. His dead daughter is sleeping on her bed. Inside there are the eyes of truth. Someone please help me! The situation before me is clear. Destroy the oath, kill Ares, and have your revenge. Whore 3: They are nothing come with me and experience the greatest of pleasures. Master my brothers... they need food and rest. Fans of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War got a sneak peak of some of the new things that will be coming to the game as part of its first season. I will take care of this! Fury: Not to worry. My gifts! He enters a richly decorated room, in the corners of which stand soldiers in full armor. Kratos: That is no reason to betray your own. You still do not understand why you were chosen? Kratos returns home.] Carson, Michael Clarke Duncan, Carole Ruggier. I will draw them away. Get listed in the most prominent screenplays collection on the web! Of all the minds in question, mine is not the one to worry about. I have waited for this day. Kratos: This fight is mine alone. Kratos: This cannot be. [He goes out and finds that Fury, whom he recently killed is alive.] Is that any life for a great warrior? [The temple collapses. Master: Place your offerings for Aletheia we will decide if they are worthy at our will. Kratos: And what will happen to you? Shade: I do. Kratos: You do not exist. Kratos: Freedom? Orkos: Not much further now, Spartan. Kratos: What do you know of the oath keeper? Spartan soldier: Return to your roots. Deformed child: Why was he allowed entry to my temple. Fury: Is that the best you can offer? When Zeus came to power, he found he had little to fear from the sisters. Not only that, the success of God of War PS4 has skyrocketed game director, Cory Barlog, to … In 1557, The Zhejiang commander led Wang. You will never see the oracle! [She flies away. This will make a wonderful addition to the record. Young Kratos: Ares. Kratos' dead wife turns into Alecto.] [He cuts her stomach, releasing the guts. We have given you all you need for success and yet you still fail us! Fury 2: A simple trinket will not defeat us, sister. They will stop at nothing until you return to lord Ares. Alecto: Come sisters. You pathetic weakling. Respect! With Linda Hunt, Terrence 'T.C.' Next he goes to the body of the Master and takes his amulet, the amulet of Uroboros. [Kratos wins again and brutally kills Fury 2.] Fury 2: Come sister. I will not indulge you as my sisters do. Kratos Kratos File:300px-Kratos rendering concept 2268 4148.jpg. Orkos: I fear you may come to regret those words. God of War is an action-adventure video game for the PlayStation 2 first released by Sony Computer Entertainment's Santa Monica division in March 2005. Kratos: The past is the past, Orkos. We will do things my way! You! [She hits Kratos so hard that part of the chains flies off his head.] Strip off their meat… a little at a time. (he hit her and she transforms to Kratos) I lost everything because of you. The truth of the murder he committed. I sought council with Aletheia. See, I’ve been keeping a record. [He shakes his hand.] The bane of traitors. Voice: Take the ice of Poseidon and you will find your path. [He is attacked by the transformed hand of Aegaeon and dies. Forum FAQ. Narrator: The sky split apart, and the God of War stepped through. When the brute pledged a blood oath to Zeus, only to later betray the king of the gods, the furies were quick to take action. Narrator: Focusing only on the task ahead, Kratos struggled to remember the weeks prior to his imprisonment; to the time when he set out to break his bond with Ares, the god of war. Your rage means nothing! You seek the truth? Master: I know he gains. Find them! My time grows short. You there! [Kratos pulls out his axe. Alecto: I can be your reality. Close to a time when illusion would have no power over him. Then she showed me the truth that the god of war would bring down the very walls of Olympus. Kratos: I have been away far too long. Fury 2: We only mean to bring you home. Shade: Good. 55 matching requests on the forum. You are a worthless mortal! [And he dies. Shade: Your mind is troubled. The hard part is over, Spartan. The very same eyes my mothers ruthlessly pulled from Aletheia. Custom preview. Fury 2: If neither pleasure of the flesh or glory will return you to us, then there is only one thing left. [He trips on ice and falls.] He is beheaded during the Æsir-Vanir War. It was she who revealed to me the plot of Ares to overthrow Zeus. 4 Dec. 2020. I know it. Alecto: I am the queen of the furies. [Kratos sees his wife, but apparently, this is another mirage.] Man 1: He wields magic! Then he comes to the body of the oracle, littered with stones.] Even the loss of your brother did not sway your focus. Slave: It is a massive task you have set before us. All will be restored. Must record.… You're the Spartan that Orkos talked about, aren't you? [An earthquake occurs. You will pay! Kratos goes further and finds a mad Scribe, sitting in a cell.] Submit a font Tools . Alecto: You defy me? But this is not the manner to discuss it. Kratos: Never. Although, you must have good reason to seek the oracle caring such a mark. Fury 3: (to Fury 1) Your methods fail us, Megaera. When you become the Daimyo, Master Yamagawa. When all I see is illusion. They will stop at nothing should you resist. Orkos: You know I am one of the furies who forged your bond. Too bad we can’t sail south of Delos. [Kratos tries to attack the furies, but fails. Why he still needs you? [Kratos restores the destroyed part of the dungeon with his amulet. Master: You presume to seek audience with the oracle and yet you bring no offerings? Fury: You have caused me pain for the last time, Spartan! 1 FADE FROM BLACK INT. [Fury 2 kicks him in the back.] and force the Ming Court to release my godfather? [Kratos takes on the ship sailing to Delos.] This is a quick and dirty B2S for Kratos God Of War. He begins to violently attack Fury.] The chief of these Japanese pirates. Fury 3: Orkos? [Kratos pulls one of the chains out of the wall. He is an actor and writer, known for God of War (2018), God of War II (2007) and God of War: Ragnarök (2021). Orkos: I know you will set things right. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. Kratos: Ares will have to find another to do his bidding. (turns to Kratos’ wife) if this is what keeps you in service to lord Ares, then this is what you shall have. Sailor 1: The sooner we get past Delos, the happier I’ll be. You have earned your place among us as the greatest general Sparta has ever known. Blood gushes like a fountain.] [Kratos leaves the ship.] Why do we stop at this cursed island? Themes New fonts. I will take care of him. Alecto: All this effort and you still fail? Pilgrim: The offerings will please the oracle this time. When you were just a boy, I saw the signs. And from this rage, this madness of war, the furies were brought forth. They also changed his main weapon to a magical battle axe to make the combat more grounded. Baldr was the son of Odin (the King of the Gods) and his wife Frigg. We can no longer stand the sight of you. On the way he meets a pilgrim.] Being ordinary people, the enemies are no threat to him.] God of War II is a 2007 video game released for the Playstation 2 console and developed by SCE Santa Monica Studio.It follows Kratos as he seeks the Sisters of Fate to prevent his betrayal and death by the hand of Zeus. Scribe: This will definitely have to go into the record... Record... Must record. Why do we stop at this cursed island? Lead us to victory. Fury: Stop the fighting. [For a moment, Kratos sees the mutilated body of his wife.] [She uses her flies again and turns Aegaeon's face into a horrible monster. was actually a Han Chinese man called Wang Zhi.. After years of torturous nightmares, Kratos wants to cease the endless bloodshed at his own powerful hands. In fact, he has a Rage Mode that you'll want to take advantage of. You seem confused, Kratos. You are now charged with the task of completing the statues... Come home where you belong. But Wang was subsequently imprisoned. Remote Play coming to Ico, God of War 1 and 2, Shadow of the Colossus. Return to who you are, Spartan. [Kratos finds a way to open the cage and get the eyes of the truth, but trying to escape through the portal, it disappears from his hands and returns to the cage. Kratos: No. Let me show you how it's done! and to buy firearms to make him powerful. But remember, the truth always comes with a price. While … [She makes a barrier but Kratos uses the eyes and crushes it.] Kratos: I will never serve Ares again. Kratos: Do you have business with me? [Ares, the God of War is shown coming to Kratos' aid] Narrator: Descending from Olympus, he saw the makings of a god, in a mere mortal. Now you will pay for that mistake. Ha. What's wrong? Shade: But your skills are still without equal. He is chained to the walls.] He originally started off as an ally towards Kratos, but after being infected by Pandora's Box, he (along with most of the God of Olympus) aided Zeus to kill Kratos. Kratos stands on the dilapidated remains of the ship.] [Kratos restores a huge statue of a warrior and flies inside it.] The god of war has been plotting for years. Fury: He is mine! God of War is a third person action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. [Pierce slave’s head with his stuff.] Kratos: I see only you. God of War is a single player game that features a third-person perspective view with a fixed camera. Write your screenplay and focus on the story with many helpful features. 1. Having trouble remembering our special time together? Master: We will see to it you do not live. have you forgotten what Lord Matsura said? Sailor 1: The sooner we get past Delos, the happier I’ll be. benevolence is not enough. You will never know the truth. With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded. Sailor 1: They say the great Archimedes built that statue for Apollo! She turns back.] Pilgrim: Nooo. [Kratos stepping on his head and breaking through it. Slave 2: As you wish. Scribe: I know he paid for what he's done. 1 When you go to war against your enemies and see horses and chariots and an army greater than yours, do not be afraid of them, because the LORD your God, who brought you up out of Egypt, will be with you. The Wrath of the Primordials. Gods give me strength. She Kratos: Speak clearly! Master: You! [Alecto turns into a gigantic creepy octopus. Sony outlines cross-platform features. [She calls on several Spartan soldiers who are attacking Kratos.] And why they're updating Road to Perdition writer's original script. It is time Kratos. Orkos: I should have done this a long time ago. His dead wife approaches him. All Frankie Tam scripts | Frankie Tam Scripts. Login | Register. Kratos: Only a coward hides himself, Orkos. ***Add the following line into the script for the Kratos God Of War Table*** Add the line below on Line 36: Dim Controller: Set Controller = CreateObject("B2S.Server"): Controller.Run I intend to launch another attack before dark. [Aegaeon breaks out a part of the dungeon along with Kratos, thus freeing one of the Prisoners...] Man 1: We’ll have to keep them alive. According to an early God of War script, the character is 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 m) tall. What have brought you to this betrayal of your own kind? As befits all self-respecting oracles she has no eyes. Whore 2: No, me! The enforcers of punishment. [Kratos pierces Orkos with the sword.] You will need this skill for the path ahead. We will see how you fare against the Hecatonchires! Fury 2: We have special plans for you my son. This subreddit is dedicated to discussion of the games and sharing news about them. “The only problem with that [script] is it was written before Clash of the Titans, Wrath of the Titans, 300 and Immortals, and those movies borrowed quite a bit from the God of War stories. The gods have rewarded us. Kratos: Then I fear you are beyond aid. To keep their plan in motion, they need you back, Spartan. Hey Everyone, I found this post on the Santa Monica LinkedIn page for an opening for a lead writer. You! It is your heart that will betray you. Soon, Kratos finds a brothel.] Definitely need to get this down. Return when you have brought appropriate sacrifice. This power helped me escape Hecatonchires. Aegaeon the Hecatonchires became an example to all. The player controls the character Kratos, a Spartan warrior in the service of the Olympian Gods in a mixture of combat, both normal and quick time, with platforming and puzzle game elements. It will have to be enough. Aletheia: The relic you carry has no effect on me. We will not be defeated... You may be a great warrior, but you have no place in our temple. Kratos: I have come to see the oracle and that is what I intend to do. Aletheia: Your thoughts are clouded and your mind conflicted, warrior. Freedom. It matters not that you have my son’s toy. Come champion show me your strength. You make us sick. Aletheia: The furies infect your mind because you run from your oath to Ares. I was the first man to be put here by the furies. Master: They will torture me if I fail. Spill the blood of your enemies… the blood of the innocent… the blood of your very own. [Kratos kicks him Leonidas style and it turns out that everything around was a mirage, and the Captain was a Fury.] Aletheia: And he will play his part in time. Fans were blown away as well when they received only a small sample of the real God of War. Slave: Hurry! Let us leave this wretched place. [Meanwhile...] [Kratos defeats the Master and breaks the floor with his body. Sailor 1: They say the great Archimedes built that statue for Apollo! Fury: My arm! (turns into Captain) you are not fit to be called a Spartan! Help me! They begin to fight, and ultimately their battle goes to the sea. [Kratos leaves the ship.] You served with honor. Fury: You cannot defeat us! Fury: I will not be ruined by a mortal! The tragedy only improved you, honed your skills, and now, Kratos, you have fulfilled your promise of greatness. Kratos: I see no other way. They used to be fair. Aletheia and I sought to warn Zeus but when Ares learned of our attempt, he sent my mothers after us. 2 When you are about to go into battle, the priest shall come forward and address the army. [Kratos finds the cup with the flame of Ares.] Kratos: Then tell me. She found a boyfriend; not an Italian. Orkos: You will never reach the eyes now that my mothers know you are after them. As it turned out, he was chained by his own blades of chaos, which were inextricably fused with Kratos’ arms. You are of my mind. Perhaps if you serve your purpose well, you will even end up on Olympus one day. Kratos: Yes. _____ _____/ 1.3 - God of War \_____ ----- When God of War was announced in early 2004, no one knew what to expect of it. Have the visions ceased? After that a man appears in front of him, looking like a ghost.] Kratos: And I will do so without the aid of a Fury. I can feel it. Cory Barlog, Writer: God of War. Now the man who plays lead character Kratos in the newly-released God of War, claims that perception is changing. Alecto takes the oath stone.] How Old Is He? (he hit her and she transforms to his wife then to the soothsayer from the first game) they were not there by chance, Kratos. Voice: For those who seek the truth, the heat of Ares’ fire has no burn. God of War Guide. Alecto: In time you will forget. Master: His persistence only means his death. To install Fire For Effect: The God Of War you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues. Narrator: Kratos, the great Spartan general was finally defeated. He has given us a champion. After E3, God of War was given so much good feedback, it blew the producers away, they had no idea that it was THIS GOOD. The main protagonist. Shade: You have no reason to trust me, Spartan. Aletheia: So be it. Orkos: A past you now seek to rectify. Fury 2: Let us see if your brothers will offer mercy. Alecto: What is the meaning of this? You will perish in your attempt to be free! Shade: Your thoughts are not your own but I can help you. [However, Kratos notices a ring shaped like an omega symbol on the finger of a Whore 3 and attacks her. Whore 1: Is that Kratos? But please, all I ask… (gives him his sword) give me an honorable death. You have 20 days left of your one-month deadline. Orkos: To make you beholden only to him, Ares and my mothers devised three blood tasks. She appears to be one of the furies.] Fury: But then again, we were rudely interrupted by my sister. God Of War Font | English Français Español Deutsch Italiano Português . It cannot be undone. He would turn him into the perfect warrior, his servant on earth. [He disappears. of China because of the sea ban.. [Furies release Kratos. He uses magic to make himself younger and prepares for battle.] Bold. Fury 2: You bring this curse on yourself! The eyes were brutally ripped from my beloved. [The oracle sits nearby on her throne. You will not see her! You have committed the ultimate sacrifice. He was known to be beautiful and was the favorite of the Æsir gods.Most legends about him concern his death. Kratos: And what path is that? Fury: Sister, show him what Sparta does to a traitor! Narrator: Kratos found himself defeated and this time, no Olympian would come to his aid. Meanwhile, Kratos spots a ring with the omega symbol on the Captain's finger.] [A beautiful and bright room turns into a dirty stinky hole with battered dishes and broken furniture.] [He gives Kratos the necklace and a ring, which he tried to take from the table.] Kratos can easily find himself as among the oldest DC characters there are. Master: And who will be next? Before we are cursed too! Narrator: With the death of Orkos, the blood oath to Ares was finally broken and the painful truth rushes back to Kratos’ mind. Return to your rightful place. Sounds familiar but he did it because of you. Kratos: How can I defeat the furies. Kratos: Aletheia. Orkos: If you do not succeed, my fate is sealed regardless. Remove him. The background reveals a large gate to Olympus closing and zooms out from the suicide bluffs where God of War 1 begins ] This Script document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. He is returning home. To be free of the madness that infects you, you must defeat those who hold your bond with the god of war. Ming Emperor Jiajing (1522-1567),. The sequel to Santa Monica Studio’s critically-acclaimed 2018 reboot was announced for both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in September following months of rumor and speculation, serving … The injustice of your oath that made me doubt them… is it possible that through all your suffering. Kratos: My home is in Sparta! You would have killed me before I could even speak. [Kratos tries to strike him with his blade but it passes through the ghost.] Alecto: My death will not free you from this madness. Orkos: Before you killed them my mothers once again made me your oath keeper. Satisfied, the sisters returned home with their prize. His thoughts now clear, the warrior turned his rage to the remaining furies and their ultimate defeat. Kratos: Orkos. Shade: You waver from sound mind to illusion in the beat of a heart. Kratos didn't lift a finger. Hades is the God of the Underworld and a major antagonist in the video game God of War III. You have sealed the oracle's fate. And ultimately freedom from your bond to the god of war himself. We see a ring on her finger with the symbol of omega.] Wait for an opening! Ares and my mothers knew that if the eyes of truth we're hidden, then their wicked plot would not be revealed... And soon they would reign over the gods themselves. Alecto: Then let death be your reality. Prisoner: Glory be to Olympus! Kratos: I have spilled enough innocent blood. The way they treated him... Their own son. Man 2: He’s just one man! Sailor 2: He's gone. Never again. In God of War II, Kratos sits atop his Olympus throne, as the new God of War - far more ruthless than Ares ever was. Deformed child: I am but an innocent! God Of War: Ragnarok won't arrive for at least another year, but that hasn't stopped fans from creating some impressive and humorous fan art of series protagonists Kratos and Atreus in the meantime. Size God Of War. Quickly! [Kratos defeats her and tears off her arm.] I am free! [Kratos burns his house.] This is what you align with Spartan? I know. He was voiced by Nolan North in God of War (2005), and Clancy Brown for the rest of the series. [She attacks him but Kratos uses the stone and dodges, stealing the eyes.] Orkos: I am sorry, Spartan. All that you have lost can be yours once again. It may not be placed on any web site (except GAMEFAQs) or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Orkos: I would have taken what my mothers offered. and put up with their atrocious behavior? (he snaps her neck) After he and Frigg had a dream in which they saw his death (with dreams being prophetic in Norse mythology), Frigg asked everything in creation to promise to not harm Baldr, only forgetting to ask mistletoe, as she thought it was \"too young\" to swear an o… [She hastily leaves the port, but soon their ship is devoured by a sea monster. (kills failed soldiers) out of my way! We're aware of Master Wufeng's (Wang Zhi), encircle when we outnumber the enemy 10 to 1. because we have the benefit of a natural barrier. Stupid, but bold. [Suddenly, Fury 2 is resurrected. [One glance of Kratos becomes enough for two slaves with spears to run away in fear.]
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