Condition is "Used". Buy It Now. Gibson Les Paul Pickup 57 Classic Neck Zebra Guitar Parts Humbucker Rhythm 1957. Condition is "Used" Taken out of my 2012 Gibson Traditional Les Paul. Enter the '57 Classic a stunning, warm and mid output humbucker that is designed after the best of the original PAF pickups. All positive reviews › John F. 5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing upgrade for an Epiphone Les Paul Standard. Been thinking about experimenting with the '57 Classics though. Next up, we have a recreation of the legendary 1957 classic humbucker pickup. ’57 Classics. Wow! The pups work well in both gutiars. Original Gibson Humbucker. Intrigued by the buzz around this pickup, I ordered a normal '57 Classic for the neck position and a '57 Classic Plus for the bridge position. A reader has asked about problem sounds with his Gibson 57 Classic Humbucker. If you’re looking for a classic vintage pair of humbuckers, the sort of thing you’d find on a vintage Gibson Les Paul, then check these out. Re: Any fans of Gibson 57 Classic humbuckers? Available in your choice of gold, nickel or double black designs, this top-rated neck position pickup is a precise reissue of the original Gibson Humbucker from the late '50s. The ’57 Classic uses an Alnico II magnet that should compress and have a softer or "spongier" feel compared to an Alnico V type. Same thing with the 57 bridge and 490T. The '57 Classic features Gibson's special Alnico II magnet, vintage enamel coated wire, nickel-plated pole pieces, nickel slugs, Maple spacers and vintage-style, 2-conductor, braided wiring. These pickups kick out some serious power and are there for the players that want a rich tonal response. It's available with open coils or gold or nickel-plated covers. The 490R and 57 Classic neck pickup are essentially the same pickup. 1 Options '57 Classic with 4-Conductor Wiring Pickup $199.99. Gibson 490R vs 57 Classic Humbucker Hi everyone Im wondering what the difference is between these pickups, from a technical aspect and personal point of view. Reviewed in the United States on January 29, 2015. Along with the Classic ’57, these are some of Gibson’s high-end humbuckers. I have two sets of these pickups that came in my Les Paul and SG. $20.00 shipping. Top positive review. Gibson '57 Classic Humbucker Pickup, Nickel. Gibson’s ’57 Classic pickups have been in production for years and have been offered as OEM equipment in many of Gibson’s own models including the Les Paul Custom. I also have the regular 57 set in a Gibson 335 and SG 61 reissue. Neck pickup. This pair of pickups are in like new, near mint condition with only a few random marks on the covers. The '57 Classic is available with genuine gold-plated covers, nickel-plated covers, or open coils. While this timeless beauty gives you a tone that is warm and subtle with full, even response, it doesn't hold back when you need that classic Gibson humbucker crunch! Sent with Australia Post Standard Small Box/Satchel. Humbucker Pickups ; Gibson ; 57 Classic Vintage GC ; Gibson 57 Classic Vintage GC. A P.A.F. The leads is the 4 conductor version so … Add to Wish List. New (Other) C $223.77. Perhaps these are the pickups most associated with Gibson’s vintage sound. It is also based around an Alnico II magnet. Sven Writes: I have a Gibson 57 Classic Humbucker, which has a really high … A variety of colours, positions and sizes. The reason for this comparison is mostly on account of the price difference. They have about the same output and both have Alnico 2 magnets So what is it that … What a difference the pickups made. Gibson wanted to bring back the feel of these classic pickups but without the inconsistencies in production. Find Gibson 57 Classic Pickups in Canada | Visit Kijiji Classifieds to buy, sell, or trade almost anything! Shop with confidence. Great deals on Gibson 57 Classic Guitar Pickups. Two-wire connectors desoldered from the pots, not cut, so there's plenty of … by Gibson Gear. As for Gibson pickup in Gibsons. 22 watchers. In many respects it is very similar to the Burstbucker- it offers ‘vintage’ PAF style tone, too, for example. However, where the ’57 Classic differs is that its two coils are balanced. 2 Options Mini-Humbucker - Bridge Pickup $154.99. GIBSON / 57CLASSIC NICKEL Guitar pickup. 3. They have 42AWG plain enamel mag-wire, 2.5-inch alnico 2 bar magnets, nickel silver covers, custom machined metal spacers & maple spacers, nickel silver bottom plates with long mounting legs, and single conductor push-back braided lead wires. The two coils are unbalanced, by a … They add some character to the smooth strat sound. This comparison is between a Gibson 57 Classic (Gibson 57 Classic Neck 860-15003-L 04/09/15) and a stock Epiphone PAF style humbucker (Epiphone Neck PB2NHBN-4 2013/05) edit: it's called an "Epiphone ProBucker-2" out of a Florentine Les Paul. Gibson'57 Classic Humbucker Guitar Pickup PU-3278 Boyd's Guitar Warehouse"The Parts That Make You Rock" Worldwide Shipping Gibson'57 Classic Model Nickel Cover 3.5" Wire Length 2-Conductor Braided Wire 7.77k Ohms 1-15/16" Pole Spacing Alnico II Magnet Springs& Screws Not Included Condition: Fair(See Pictures) Known Issues: Wear throughout. These pickups allow the guitar to sound unique to the guitars make and model. I have two identical auctions going at the same time. With cream surrounds. See All Buying Options. Gibson Les Paul / SG pickup set - BB3 and 57Classic pickups & pots. They are shipped with Les Pauls and are faithful reproductions of the originals that were used by guitarists such as Eric Clapton on his Bluesbreakers ’66 album with John Mayall, B.B King, and the Allman Brothers. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. The Gibson '57 Classic Humbucking pickup for the neck position is a reproduction of the original Gibson Humbucker from the late 1950's. or simply PAF is an early model of the humbucker guitar pickup invented by Seth Lover in 1955. Gibson 57 Classic Bridge Humbucker. Thanks for looking and happy bidding. Bridge pickup is the one that is … Duncan Antiquities, Seth Lovers, '59s, Pearly Gates, Alnico II Pros, Dimarzio PAF, or any PAF variant from just about any maker. Pre-Owned. With its "Patent Applied For" decal on the baseplate, the '57 Classic and '57 Classic Plus are faithful replicas of the famous Gibson humbuckers that helped define the music of the late 1950s. Genuine 2013 Gibson® USA NICKEL 57 Classic NECK and 57 Classic Plus BRIDGE vintage PAF humbucker pickup set. Active pickups and other pickup sets all available. $169.99. In the 1950s, it was 1.6-millimeters for both pickups, which may have reflected the lower-output, unpotted standard of the day. The perfect bridge position pickup… Modeled on the pickup that started a revolution, this humbucker oozes vintage tones. Write a review. PAF 57 Classic A2 Humbucker Pickups fit Gibson LP SG 335 HandWound BB Guitar Lab. '57 Classic Pickup $154 ... $154.99. These were in turn replaced by "T-Top" humbuckers in 1967, and production ended in 1975. In those days, Gibson did not build separate pickups in those days for Neck and Bridge, they used the same pickup for both. Gibson began use of the PAF on higher-model guitars in late 1956 and stopped in late 1962. 1 Options Mini-Humbucker Neck Pickup $154.99. 1 Options Sign Up for Gibson News & Special Offers. 1 Options 500T "Super Ceramic" Humbucker Pickup $134.99. Gibson specs: 57 Classic Alnico II 8.5k 57 Classic Plus Alnico II 8.7k For a cheaper alternative, almost anything. Over the years I've replaced them and all my humbucker pickups with WCR Fillmore sets, as I felt the '57 Classics were kind of thin sounding. I’ve pulled the bridge ‘57 out of two of my SG’s. Gibson 57 Classic Pickup. New and used items, cars, real estate, jobs, services, vacation rentals … Last one. How are ratings calculated? Gibson 57 classic humbucker set neck and bridge pickups. The pickups … $182.00. Can't hear any difference at all. Only 1 left! Gibson’s engineers recommend a 1.6-millimeter distance between the strings and the pickups for the bridge pickup, and 2.4 millimeters for the neck pickup. The pickup is well rounded not too dark or too bright. Made to the exact same specs as the original PAFs; The two coils of the humbucker are balanced, which is to say, each magnet has the same number of windings around it; The magnet itself is an Alnico II; Burstbucker Pros. Gibson Gear '57 Classic Humbucker Nickel. I have played lots of custom shop and boutique pickups and the 490s are some of my favorite pickups. From Ukraine +C $22.36 shipping. They were replaced by the Patent Number (Pat No) pickup, essentially a refined version of the PAF. Find great deals on eBay for 57 classic pickups and gibson classic 57 pickups. Gibson 57 Classic Humbucker Pickup Set Gold - Pulled from my 2010 ES-355 Reissue maybe a year after I got it. The Gibson 500T is a super ceramic humbucker that simply doesn’t hold back. The pluss in the bridge gives the player a tad more power. If your Gibson 57 Classic Humbucker produces a thin, humming sound, then perhaps you have a wiring problem. ... PAF 57 Classic A2 Humbucker Pickups fit Gibson LP SG 335 HandWound BB Guitar Lab. C $263.27. The choice is yours, but there are many variations of the classic '57 Gibson humbucker here, including the '57 Classic Humbucker Neck Pickup. ’57 Classic The ’57 Classic is another hugely popular Gibson pickup. $14.99 shipping. The Gibson '57 Classic Humbucking pickup. A great selection of Gibson humbuckers. Both pickups are in great shape with very light playing wear. I like Gibson pickups in strats, mostly because the Gibsons have a bit more hair on them than the more refined Duncans. Gibson '57 Classic Humbucker Pickup. The Fillmores have a deep, full-throated sound with plenty of fat mids. 163 ratings . Subscribe. Just a little bit of gold polished off on the corners of the bridge pickup. Recreate the sounds of Gibson's '50s humbucker pickups with this vintage pickup. 2 Gibson ’57 Classic Plus Humbucker Pickup, Nickel – Best Humbucker Pickups for Les Paul. You can't go wrong with the classic 57. Pickup The first humbucker was the PAF by Seth Lover ... One model of pickup that seemed to pop up every now and so often was the Gibson '57 Classic. Any questions please do ask. If the guitar came with Burstbuckers or 57's, I'll probably just leave them in.
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