admin Make delicious meals with Lavender. Lavender is associated with love and fertility, and can be used in attraction, love and beauty spells. Remove flowers from dried lavender stems and save for another use. In cooking! Lavender is used for the relief of indigestion, depression, anxiety, exhaustion, irritability, tension headaches, migraine and bronchial complaints. – It’s not so strange! For Tired Muscles. Tie up tightly and toss in the tub as it fills with warm water. Love lavender? Anxiety: 80-160 mg of a specific lavender oil ingredient (Silexan, Dr Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co. KG) has been taken daily for 6-10 weeks. The essential oil is a popular product used in aromatherapy and the dried lavender flowers are used in craft items and culinary preparations. 2. Wear Lavender as a perfume or place dried lavender in … I also plan to use it in Creme … The essential oil can be used cosmetically in perfumes and potpourri and lavender can also be used in cooking as a food flavoring agent. Rolling smudge sticks with 100% dried lavender stems makes for gorgeous smoking wands that smell amazing. To make a lavender simple syrup, bring 1 cup of granulated sugar, 1 cup of water, and 2 tablespoons of dried lavender to a boil. Lavender flowers actually feature in this classic herbes de Provence spice blend. Some of the choices you have for putting to use your dried lavender flowers are discussed here: Insect repellent – lavender is a natural insect repellent. The oil has cosmetic uses… Mix in either fresh Lavender leaves or dried along with the buds. Drying lavender isn’t difficult. 1. Essential Oil Uses: 1/4 cup dried lavender flowers; a few drops of lavender essential oil. To make lavender bath salts: Combine and store in a tightly closed glass jar. Lavender flowers and products provide soothing fragrance and relaxation. Fragrant dried lavender Lavandula X Intermedia varieties. It has a wide range of uses – cosmetic, culinary, and medicinal. Add to your ritual bath to induce a calm, otherworldly feeling before you enter the circle. Stir a few times to release air bubbles. Reduce heat and simmer for about 3 minutes until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture has reached a syrup consistency. (You can add other herbs to the mix as well, like in this Lavender-Thyme Syrup.) June Fox Dried Lavender Flowers 270-300 Stems 100% Natural Dried Lavender Bunches for Home Decoration, Home Fragrance, Handmade Soap Flower 4.4 out of … So far my only uses have been in adding it to tapioca pudding and to poached apples. Lavender oil and dried lavender leave your home smelling great, but these awesome crafts make sure it looks great, too. Available in 1kg, 500g or 700ml, which is approximately 100g. Get emergency medical help if you have signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.. Amanda Rose, Ph.D. passed on some tips and tricks for drying lavender and includes a "bonus" -- her most interesting use for dried lavender. Uses Of Dried Lavender Flowers. To prepare lavender tea use 1-2 tsp of whole dried herb, or 1 tbsp fresh herb, per cup of boiling water. 5. Soak the stems in a water/potassium nitrate bath, 1 cup water to 1 tablespoon potassium nitrate, for thirty minutes. Content and photos used with permission from Page Street Publishing. The same holds true when making lavender soap. Hang bunches near your door and on the window sill to keep insects at bay. You can make an infused oil using both the leaves and the flowers. Lemon-Lavender Tea Cookies: Classic shortbread cookies made with dried lavender flowers and lemon zest. Make a simple salt scrub by combining 1 cup kosher salt, 1 cup almond or olive oil, 5 to 10 drops lavender essential oil and 1/4 cup dried lavender buds. Lavender Lemonade: A refreshing summer beverage made with lavender-infused simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, and cold water. Packed with Magickal and everyday uses every witch can benefit from having a stock of dried lavender and lavender essential oil. Dried Lavender flowers have a multitude of benefits and uses. Smooth Skin: Use salt and dried lavender buds to exfoliate dry or troubled skin. Lavender promotes peace between “at war” individuals. Place the end of a stick in an incense holder or a jar of dry sand and light. Lavender is used in a wide range of perfume and toiletries and in potpourri. If you adore the smell and look of lavender like we do, then you will want to check out these 33 cool projects made with your favorite herb. On June 10, 2008. This bulk dried lavender is actually lavandin (Lavandula x intermedia), which is a cross of English lavender and spike lavender. This dried Lavender material can be made into various products, craft items or for culinary use in teas and Herbes De Provence.It is not hard to find dried Lavender for sale or to buy it cheap wholesale. Lavender can be used to communicate with spirits, send messages, and carrying it can help to see ghosts. Size. This dried lavender is a Lavandula Angustifolia variety specially bred for its colour. As an air freshener – Simmer the dried herb in a pot of water with some citrus peels for a natural air freshener! Lavender Roast Potatoes: Halved fingerling potatoes tossed in olive oil, dried lavender, kosher salt and black pepper. Some varieties of lavender maintain nearly their full aroma when dried. You can make lavender oil from lavender leaves in the very same way that you make an infused oil with the flowers. Dried lavender can also be added a bubble bath to make fragrant as well as fun! Another great way to make it would be to infuse the oil with dried lavender (and other herbs, if desired). One of the easiest uses for Lavender leaves is making Lavender oil. Dried Lavender Grains The finest lavender grains gently collected and air dried. Organic Dried Lavender This lavender is an organically grown and certified variety of Lavandula X Intermedia with a good fragrance. Remove from solution and dry completely on paper towels. Check out our dried lavender uses selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Or slip a dried lavender sachet into your pet’s bed to keep fleas out. Please select an option below to view prices. From shop SankofaLiving. 7. Studies have concluded that consuming lavender tea after a long – tiring day or gym session can help alleviate muscle soreness. Medicinally, lavender can be used for anxiety, headaches, depression, and insomnia. Harvest the pretty purple flowers to make dried lavender bunches or dried lavender buds for potpourri or sachets. Another easy DIY, this body oil can be made by adding a few drops of lavender essential oil to a carrier oil. Choose Dried Lavender Flower, Dried Rose Petals & Buds, Lavender Buds, Red Rose Petals and Buds, Edible Dried Flowers and Herbs SankofaLiving. Steep for 10-15 minutes and drink 1 to 3 cupfuls a day. A super-simple use of lavender is to take a piece of netting or fabric and fill it with dried lavender, then tie the end with string, yarn, or a rubber band. One of my favorite reference books for Magickal herbs is Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs. A tincture can be prepared in a ratio of 1:4 and a dosage of 20-40 drops can be taken 3 times daily. Let me tell you how to harvest Lavender, when to harvest and how to dry Lavender Flowers plus dried Lavender uses. Use it spells to calm a conflict. Both were good. If you prefer natural remedies, use lavender essential oil to treat bee stings as well as minor burns, and also to reduce nausea and motion sickness. Boil dried lavender buds in two cups of water for 10 minutes. Dried Feather Reed Grass is Here! These little lavender filled pouches can be tucked down between your pillow case and your pillow for a yummy night dreaming of lavender fields. The health benefits of lavender . 5 out of 5 stars (1,244) 1,244 reviews $ 3.75. 11 Amazing Health Benefits of Lavender Tea. To use, pour the bath salts into a cotton muslin bag or an old clean sock. These are just some of the many uses of dried lavender but if you’d like to know more, or are looking for lavender buds for sale, contact McKinley Lavender Farm today. Our #2 lavender is a greyish-blue color with a strong and bright lavender scent. To make it: Fill a canning jar about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way with dried leaves. Lavender can be added to the bath for the relief of sunburn, muscular pain and insect stings. Lavender is a light, refreshing, versatile plant. By Laura. Can anyone suggest some uses or recipes that use dried lavender? Lavender is also grown for the production of its essential oil, which comes from the distillation of the flower spikes of certain lavender species. Lavender is a wonder herb with many uses. Lavender Body Oil. Although not all side effects are known, lavender is thought to be likely safe for most people. The health benefits of lavender are so profound making it a perfect addition to your home apothecary. Lavender uses for pets include treating a collar or bandana with lavender oil to help keep fleas away. Check out my post on Culinary Uses for Lavender. Want more ideas for using lavender in food? Drying your flowers is simple and easy. As a face scrub – The dried flowers and oatmeal makes for a gentle, fragrant face scrub. They have a strong floral scent that is relaxing and calming. Lavender side effects. I purchased it in a 4 ounce bag which is quite a lot. £ 5.30. Strain, consume freshly brewed and lavender tea and enjoy its soothing aroma. The flowers contain vitamins, antioxidants and cleansing properties which improve skin health. You can use dry lavender flowers to make sachets, floral bath water or in a soap recipe to add exfoliation. Actions The leaves can be pretty too when combined with the dried Lavender buds. This post is an excerpt from my book The Backyard Herbal Apothecary, published April 2019. This pretty herb has many uses in the home, most of which start with dried lavender. Use for pot-pourri, lavender bags and pillows. Recent Posts. It is preferred for sachets, pillows, soaps, and other uses where the fragrance is desired above color. Fill the jar with your favorite oil, such as sunflower, sweet almond, rice bran, etc. Grow culinary lavenders , like English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) or lavandins ( Lavandula x intermedia ), and harvest flowers to … Dried Lavender Grown in the UK Similar to the above but grown in the UK! It can be used for a variety of medicinal, therapeutic, cleaning, and beauty purposes. Lavender is one of the most loved herbs and an ancient symbol of purity and cleanliness with a myriad of uses in feng shui.Having bunches of dried lavender around your home can be helpful, and often leads to you using lavender in many creative ways (in gifts, to wrap crystals, etc) Learn all about the medicinal uses of lavender & make yourself a restorative bath soak! If you love lavender flavours, check out some of these lavender recipes. 1. If the witch is so inclined than growing their own lavender is a great option as well. 6. Grow lavender for its beautiful, fragrant presence in the landscape, but don’t stop there. Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is a beautiful, aromatic herb of the Lamiaceae family with a long history. Other Uses.
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