The best solution here is to try them out and see how well it fits in your fretting hand. Additionally, there was another issue that guitarists were dealing with – those bulky vibrato tailpieces. Build Materials: Choosing mahogany as the main body material for a Fender Stratocaster is a little unconventional. My Review: A guitar paying tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughn, this signature Strat takes things to some twangy bluesy territories. It’s also a popular model among jazz fusion players. It’s not something that you’d buy if you’re looking for the cheapest Strat out there, but it’s still not as prestigious as the Ultra Strat. Overall, this is easily one of the best Stratocasters out there for the money. And these aren’t even all the important traits that the guitar carried. Build Materials: Aside from an alder body and maple neck, the guitar comes with a rosewood fretboard, puts it closer to those classic ’60s Strats. Looking more into the world of Stratocasters, we also have models that implemented the innovative Floyd Rose bridges, accompanied by locking nuts. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up We have a 2-point tremolo with vintage-style saddles. This ultimately means you could get the guitar of your dreams for a lot less – depending on what you're looking for in terms of color scheme, parts and build. The biggest selling point of the instrument comes with its scalloped frets. Body: Alder Here is Fender’s modernism at its best, with the iconic body shape largely unchanged save for some carefully thought out body contours, and a newly tapered heel to aid upper fret access. These Strats are available with options for HSH or HSS pickup configurations and even Floyd Roses, but it’s the classic Strat - available in a tantalizing Buttercream finish, alongside six others - that screams pure Fender. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. Therefore, you can expect an awesome metal-oriented instrument that’s also capable of bluesy stuff and other genres. Build quality, tone and playability are We have their 6-Saddle Pure Vintage Synchronized Tremolo and Pure Vintage tuning machines. The Stratocaster is a classic guitar because it has a great build and an equally great sound. 5 bids. The pickups are their Vintage-style ’50s single-coils that cover all the necessary “twangy” tones from the era, along with the standard controls. Then we have Fender’s ’65 Pure Vintage single-coils that manage to precisely capture what their old pickups from the 1960s did. All; Auction ; Buy It Now; Sort: Best Match. Build Materials: Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Strat comes with the standard configuration, featuring an alder body and maple neck with a maple fretboard. What’s different now is that, with the S-1 switch adding the neck pickup to any position on the switch, the tone menu just got a whole lot longer. Fender American Professional II Stratocaster HSS RW Olympic White NOUVEAU. The humbucker in the bridge is just a little brighter compared to what you’d expect from it, taking this instrument closer to the classic Fender territories. This is all accompanied by a nice-looking nitro finish. Just like the previous models, this one also had the bolt-on body and neck formation, as well as standard single-coil pickups. Fender is a go-to brand for your musical needs. You can always try a few sets to see what brands you like the best. Though this model doesn’t actually come with ‘Soul Power’ written across its upper body, the decal is included for those hoping to recreate the iconic look – which is a nice option to have. It does have normal usage wear on the back of the guitar and in the area of the strings. Neck: Maple Fender Player Stratocaster Electric Guitar - Maple Fingerboard - Aged Cherry Burst . Fender Showmaster - FMT Bubinga HH - Made in Korea. Fretboard: Rosewood or maple It’s all accompanied by amazing Heavy Metal pickups and their HSS configuration. Neck: Maple Best Year for the Fender Stratocaster The Fender Stratocaster is the archetype electric guitar. Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature Stratocaster, 12. These tone knobs control the treble roll-off for the bridge and the neck pickup, but there are some other examples where they alter the tone of middle and neck pickups. Bottom Line: In some way, this is a “semi-budget-friendly” instrument. We have the alder body paired with a maple neck in a standard bolt-on construction. Sure, there will be those who’ll knock some of the non-1950s aspects of this guitar, but I say try it before you deny it. Clearly inspired by the 1980s, both in terms of features and aesthetics, Limited Heavy Metal Strat takes you to Shred town with its thin “C”-profile neck, 17-inch fretboard radius, and a very unusual and rare scale length of 25.1 inches. With this in mind, we decided to cover some of the Fender Stratocaster’s main characteristics that we can find on the abundance of models. However, it’s obvious that this guitar is marketed for the lovers of the 1960s, which is a somewhat specific category. Finish and Design: What’s also really exciting is that Professional II Stratocasters come in 9 different color variants. But comparing it to some cheaper models, the Ultra series brings tonewoods of better quality. Build Materials: In some ways, the guitar is similar to the classic old school Strats, at least with the build materials. By Michael Astley-Brown 28 September 2020. Fretboard: Maple Pickups: 3 Vintage-style ’50s single-coils However, it didn’t take long for the guitar to get an additional single-coil in the neck position and eventually a new name, the Broadcaster. Best Match. 2004 MIM FENDER STANDARD STRATOCASTER SATIN Made in Mexico Fender Strat in rare satin purple finish. Guitar World is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Of course, these are all the finest tonewoods that Fender could find, as you’d expect from a guitar made over at Fender Custom Shop. Pickups: 3 Vintage Noiseless single-coils or Twin Head Vintage humbucker in the bridge and 2 single-coils in middle and neck positions But Leo Fender took it to a whole new level with his invention of an Esquire or Broadcaster guitar, which eventually became the Telecaster. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 13 (over 15 years now) and am an avid collector of all thing’s guitar. Look at the non-American instruments, too Home » Guitars » 16 Best Fender Stratocaster Guitars in 2020 (All Price Ranges). The Fender Stratocaster, colloquially known as the Strat, is a model of electric guitar designed from 1952 into 1954 by Leo Fender, Bill Carson, George Fullerton and Freddie Tavares.The Fender Musical Instruments Corporation has continuously manufactured the Stratocaster from 1954 to the present. The main goal of this division is to create one-off guitars and amps for famous guitar players. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: This Strat comes with a Floyd Rose Double-locking tremolo bridge and a standard locking nut, all followed by Gotoh tuners for perfect tuning stability. Although we have this very common formation, it’s important to note that the guitar comes from Fender’s Custom Shop and brings the best possible materials, including Dunlop’s special fret wire. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: The guitar is equipped with a Floyd Rose double-locking tremolo system, locking nuts, and vintage-style tuners. The new limited-edition models come in four finishes - Bright White, Ice Blue, Flash Pink and Frozen Yellow - with options for rosewood or maple fingerboards on the original 17”radius/25” scale narrow C-shaped neck that was highly praised for effortless performance. Along with the Pure Vintage 65 single-coils found on Jazzmasters, which feature vintage bobbin construction to genuine original-era cloth wiring, there’s the Jazzmaster bridge with brass Mustang saddles that keep the strings where they belong and a screw-in arm that stays securely in the tremolo. The brand now sells a Pure Vintage version. But the instrument itself wouldn’t be what it is today if it weren’t for Leo Fender and his innovative approach to guitar design with the Fender Stratocaster. What’s most important is that the guitar truly does a great job, even for some contemporary genres. Orig. The new models offer a basswood body, Gotoh tuners, an HSS pickup configuration with a coil split switch for the bridge pickup, a Floyd Rose locking tremolo and 24 jumbo frets. Design and Finish: The idea behind this instrument was to replicate Fender’s original HM Strat from the 1980s. Fender's entry-level Strat delivers serious value for money. Released in 1950, it features only one single-coil pickup in the bridge position. There are even some examples of the “V” shape, the “U” shape, as well as thinner neck profiles. Here at the Guitar Lobby, our aim is to share our passion for Music and gear with the rest of the music community. Controls: 1 volume and 2 tone knobs, 5-way selector switch And there are always exceptions to such rules – some of the most legendary rock and metal tones ever recorded have shined through thanks to their single-coil grit. Price: $1,299/£1,199 | Body: Alder | Neck: Maple | Scale: 25.5" | Fingerboard: Maple | Frets: 22 | Pickups: Two Vintage Noiseless and one Seymour Duncan Hot Rails | Controls: Master Volume, Tone 1. Of course, this is accompanied by a fine rosewood fretboard. Additionally, the instrument also comes with brand new V-Mod II single-coil pickups. Hardware, Electronics, and Controls: What’s important to note is that Fender included upgraded bridges on Professional II Strats. If you’re looking more of a top-line, US-made Strat, the Fender American Original '60s Stratocaster oozes all the class and pedigree you’d expect from the Big F. Boasting Custom Shop-associated finishes like Shell Pink and Olympic White, it's an instrument that's guaranteed to feel, look and sound the part. Even with extended heavy use, the guitar will stay in tune. Fretboard: Maple or rosewood 1-48 of 54 Results. Bottom Line: The guitar is not as expensive as you’d expect from all of its features and traits. Fender American Original '60s Stratocaster, 9. While it’s still the classic Strat tone, these pickups give a more balanced and articulate response, all while managing to keep that bright jangly high end of the spectrum in there. Texas Special pickups might be a bit specific, but they’re exactly what this group of players will be looking for. Of course, this is accompanied by standard controls for volume and tone, just like on any classic Strat. You’ll even find Strats with two humbuckers or two P90 pickups. The Fender Stratocaster could very well be the most iconic electric guitar of all time. Explore more brands in our, Secure your Fender with our choice of the. Bridge: Upgraded 2-Point Tremolo with Cold-Rolled Steel Block. Neck: Maple Are you looking for the best strings for Fender Stratocaster-style guitars? FSR Mahogany Blacktop Stratocaster HHH, 11. Located in California, this division makes guitars under special orders for high-end instruments. Under $380.00 - apply Price filter. The sonic output of these guitars is completely different compared to what we’re used to hearing from Stratocasters. The Thinline semi-hollow body works perfectly with both of the finish variants, the “Vintage White” and 2-color sunburst. Fender stratocaster usa Proffesional hss MINT CONDITION. Aside from Fender, we had other companies, most notably Gretsch and Gibson, which quite pushed the limits of this instrument. Lowest Price Guaranteed for new, Fender Showcase dealer, Fender Custom Shop, Ibanez, PRS, Guild, Marshall, Orange and more... We offer above industry standard service and repairs. So it was up to Leo to come up with a new guitar that was to compete with the almighty Les Paul. Fretboard: Maple or rosewood Price + postage: lowest first; Price + postage: highest first; Lowest price; Highest price; Time: ending soonest; Time: newly listed; Distance: nearest first ; View: Gallery view. The slick contours and the “universal” design also make it very aesthetically pleasing to a wide scope of guitar players, no matter their musical background and skill level. You’ll only get them with this particular guitar. Nonetheless, today, in the 21st century, this fine instrument’s body is usually still made of ash or alder, has that contoured design, three pickups, a very comfortable maple neck, a whammy bar, as well as the classic 3-pickup configuration. Period-correct appointments such as an alder body with lacquer finish, mint green pickguard and a rosewood fingerboard bring lots of vintage appeal, though unlike the original Strats from this era, it benefits from a five-way pickup switch – offering some level of modern versatility. The notable trait in this regard, however, comes with the top side of the headstock that’s painted black, thus the “Blacktop” name with this particular Strat model. Livraison gratuite dès 49€. Finish and Design: The very stylish design and finish are also what makes this guitar very specific. Build Materials: Once again, we have a signature guitar with a standard Strat tonewood configuration and a premium choice of materials. Respecting Fender's heritage while maintaining their innovative spirit, the power trio of Player Series single-coil pickups are crisp and articulate—it’s authentic Fender tone with a modern edge. Those in search of cleaner tones may prefer to stick with Fender’s typically noiseless and lower-output single coils, while someone looking to dial into more high gain and heavy metal tones might need more bark from their guitar’s electronics, and perhaps be more suited to one or even two humbuckers or hot rail-style pickups. Fender’s Pure Vintage Stratocaster Tremolo Block. This makes them very useful for those lower tunings, but they’re quite often used in standard tuning and might come with just a bit of a higher tension because of it. It’s an all-around awesome instrument with some different variants. Fender Player Stratocaster. We're playing one guitar per year between 1954 and 1974! or Best Offer. Miss Daisy, the scarce 1954 preproduction Fender Stratocaster of Jean-Pierre Danel. Fender Stratocaster Made In Usa. I’ll start this article by jumping into reviews on the best Fender Stratocaster guitars at different price points, but if you want to learn more about them before reading reviews, check out our guide on Fender Strats at the bottom of the page here. Build Materials: Aside from the alder body, we have a standard maple neck with the maple fretboard. Although the body and neck joint is a bolt-on one, you can still have a pretty comfortable playing experience up there near the body. 14,909 results for fender stratocaster. Browse the latest Fender Player Series Stratocaster Guitars available at Andertons Music Co. Over 15,000 instruments with free next-day UK delivery, interest-free finance and amazing deals! 4.6 out of 5 stars 222. My Review: Although not a “Super-Strat,” Dave Murray’s signature Strat is intended for virtuoso players who love heavier tones. Décalcomanies pour Fender Décalcomanies de toutes les séries de la marque Fender : Du classique Stratocaster au Mustang, en passant par les Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Jaguar, et sans oublier les basses (Jazzbass, Precision bass…), chaque amoureux de la célèbre marque au grand “F” trouvera ici décalcomanie à son manche. Pickups: 3 single-coils. The best budget-friendly option is not necessarily the best overall option. This is also accompanied by old-school-style Jazzmaster pickups, similar to the classic P90s, and simple controls for volume, tone, and 3-way pickup selection. However, scalloped frets are a very specific trait, and not every guitarist prefers such a design. Body: Alder Fret Count: 22. Its asymmetrical double-cutaway design with uneven cutouts proved to be not only stylish but very ergonomic as well. Fretboard: Maple While the electric guitar was certainly developing over the years, things were still a bit impractical and “clumsy” with plenty of other guitar brands. And it did precisely that – paying tribute to the American giant’s original designs from the '50s, '60s and '70s, all with period-correct features. 1-48 of 792 results. As for the pickups, most Ultra Stratocaster models come with three Noiseless single-coil pickups. Alternatively, Fender Strats may come with some totally “unconventional” pickup formations, which is the case with some higher-end models. If you’re looking to invest in a high-quality instrument that will retain its value, however, then an American-made Strat will probably best fit the bill – or, indeed a signature model made in collaboration with a big-name artist. Special Features: Scalloped Frets, Dunlop 6000 Jumbo Fretwire. Of course, these latest versions wouldn’t be the same without a black headcap and that infamous '80s stylized Fender logo on the headstock. Bottom Line: This Strat is a signature model of Iron Maiden’s legend Dave Murray.
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