PURPOSE OF THE NEW SYSTEM. This Auditorium Sound System with 2 JBL CBT 70J-1 Line Array Column loudspeakers is a pre-configured versatile full range loudspeaker system for your school auditorium and any small to large auditorium venues. Audio Systems Old school projection systems have been replaced by multifunctional screens, multimedia projection systems, and wireless video options. Custom blocks with Biamp's recommended EQ curves to optimize the sound of the included loudspeakers in this design have been included in the attached configuration file. redundant AVB ports for signal path resilience, Lip Sync and Delay Equalization in TesiraLUX, Formatting FIR Filter coefficient .csv files, TesiraXEL Amplifiers - Network Configurations, TesiraXEL Amplifiers - Asymmetrical Power Bank Applications, Converged networked audio and video distribution, Options for compressed or uncompressed video transport, up to 4K resolution, Front of house and stage manager positions, 70V audio distribution for back of house, lobby areas and restroom areas, Confidence displays and audio monitors at front of house position, Cameras for recording and Image Magnification (IMAG), Two side projectors and one large main rear projector, Two side projectors and one main rear projector, Media players, signage players and video sources, Emergency alarm system mute interrupt and reset, 1 - Tesira SERVER-IO              Cards: 1x SNC-1, 2x DSP-2, 1x AVB-1, 1x DAN-1, 1x SOC-1, 2 - TesiraXEL 1200.2               Four channels, 2400W total output, daisy chain AVB ports (main arrays/subwoofers), 2 - TesiraXEL 1200.1                Four channels, 1200W total output, daisy chain AVB ports (stage monitors/delay speakers), 1 -  AMP-450P                        4-CH PoE+ amplifier providing 4x 50 Watts burst power  (lobby/box office), 15 - TesiraLUX IDH-1               Video encoder connected 10G, 20 - TesiraLUX OH-1              Video decoder connected 10G, 2 - Community IP8-1152         High Power 15-inch Two-Way Installation Loudspeaker; Power Handling: 800W continuous (beamwidth per application), 2 - Community IS8-115           High Power 15-inch Subwoofer, 360°H x 180°V; Power Handling: 1000W continuous, 8 - Community IC6-1062       High Output 6.5-inch Two-Way Installation Loudspeaker, 100°H x 100°V, 70/100VTaps(T models); 150W continuous (delay ring), 4 - Community MX10            10-inch Compact Coaxial Two-Way Monitor; Power Handling; 200W continuous (stage monitors), 8 - Community D6                Two-way, full-range, coaxial ceiling loudspeaker, 8 ohm or 70V/100V operation; 100W continuous,  (quantity as required), SERVER-IO DSP, AVB networked amps, Dante devices and control ports will be on the 1G switch, TesiraLUX video end points will be on the 10G fiber switch, Configure VLANs for Dante and Control (AVB automatically VLANs. Many older audio systems are being upgraded and replaced simply because technology has changed so dramatically over the past few years. Dans toutes les gammes de budget. The loudspeakers in the lobby and back of house may also have delay applied to align with the main auditorium or displays located outside. EDID is managed automatically by each discrete end point. Ce site présente une liste non exhaustive de nos « coups de cœur » services et réalisations. Each TesiraLUX end-point contains a broadcast quality scaler. Related Links: Digital Signage – What Is It & Why Do I Need It? Get contact details and address| ID: 15479879773 Quality AV System Design and Installation Read about company. Atlanta auditoriums, event centers and performance venues rely on CEI Audio Video Technologies for design, installation and maintenance of a/v systems. AVB is able to seamlessly mix different port speeds. It can easily be expanded to add automatic unattended mode, assisted listening systems, orchestra pit, paging, intercoms, network redundancy, additional cast and crew facilities, balconies, overflow or breakout function spaces, among many other possibilities. Projecting your voice through a thousand square foot room for that long can do damage to a person’s vocal chords, leaving their throats sore and their voice gone after their presentation. radio-reveil retro tivoli audio "model... N’importe quel radio-réveil peut vous réveiller, mais seul ce nouveau M3 BT le fait avec simplicité, élégance et un son en Haute Fidélité. Older sound systems often projected simply from two points at the front of auditoriums. Once we understand the common use case for your auditorium, we will program the system control to trigger lights, shades, audio and visuals to automatically adjust to the selected configuration. Skip to main content. Instead of installing a simple sound system, it’s imperative to work with a delayed speaker system set up at multiple points to allow the audience a very high quality listening experience that is both pleasing to the ears and realistic. Churches a projector system based on the room needs. These blocks can also be found in the Processing Library in Tesira software. Vente matériel hifi, vidéo et home cinema. It features the … Audio mixes are returned to the video partition and re-embedded using the AV Combiner blocks. Delay EQ can be used to time align signals from the networked amplifiers and the HDMI outputs if desired by the system designer. Download Configuration File: Large Auditorium.zip. Solution DescriptionThe auditorium can accommodate more than 300 people, with an area of 390m2, about 28m in length, about 14m in … Which Video Projection System is Right For You? We have experience designing large auditorium spaces with pre-set configurations. The configuration for a single presenter may dim … Professional Sound System for Auditorium 1. Auditorium sound system design team audio india is here with a wide range of sound systems design. Level controls, AGC and peak limiters can be used to compensate for large changes in the audio dynamic range of HDMI content. Pour répondre au mieux à vos attentes, nous vous proposons des écoutes sur mesure dans nos deux auditoriums. With solutions from the top audio, video, lighting, and control brands in the world, a HARMAN auditorium ensures that presentations happen without issue. HDMI audio de-embedded via the network and mixed on the DSP. Et maintenant que la technologie sans fil Bluetooth en fait partie, vous pouvez importer votre musique en dormant. A concert hall is a complex system that involves many factors that a normal room doesn’t involve. Microphone left-right mixes and stage monitor feeds are received through the 6 channel Dante Input block. See Video Bandwidth Controls in TesiraLUX and Video and Network Latency for more information. Audio video system for auditorium. Each type of performance has a specific type of design of the auditorium. TesiraLUX, Tesira SERVER-IO, and Tesira AMP amplifiers running on AVB allow for a single system design, with all audio and video signals automatically kept in sync without any manual intervention required. Boardrooms No compression allows large projected images to appear in maximum detail for the audience. Whether it’s to project a presentation to an audience in an auditorium, to view an inspiring movie in the church, or it’s to help enhance the sound and quality of the children in the school play, high quality audio and video systems play a critical role. Any space, any place Auditorium appeals when the audience finds close interaction with the performance. João Ferreira, Vicoustic. The template contains audio and video distribution for the front of house, back of house, lobby and box office. Take lectures and conferences. This template serves as a guide for a complex system that spans an entire building. HDMI audio will require adjustment during commissioning. So, your team can operate the audio system without having much technical knowledge. The system design assumes a large auditorium of greater than 2000 seats. Additionally, simple speaker systems and projectors are no longer sufficient – instead multifunctional systems featuring multiple screens, intelligently wired sound systems, and wireless capabilities are favored for a convenient and efficient use. Instead, each piece of the sound and/or video system will be discreetly integrated into the current room design allowing for beautiful sound without marring the visual effects! Engineered to save space and deliver superior sound to smaller-sized venues the KPT-335-B serves as a high-output single 15-inch three-way system. Auditorium system control doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether it’s a church looking to project the song lyrics for the choir, or it’s a CEO attempting to give a presentation to the company in the auditorium, a high quality video system will help allow the entire audience to enjoy the visuals in outstanding clarity. In the past, performing arts spaces have generally been designed with disparate systems for audio and video. The audience appreciates rehearsal in the performance of a theatrical nature, whereas, a corporate presentation must have a professional touch. Presets may contain blocks from both audio and video partitions. Votre expert Cabasse Acoustic Center. Our service is highly demanded in the market for superb finish, best performance and best quality. © 1998-2020 Phillips Pro Systems, LLC. The example in the template assumes a pair of bi-amped cabinets for each array with powered sub cabinets all configured in stereo. Some venues may sound better if each performer has their own. They can be used in any combination of cameras (Lifesize or other standards-based), document viewers, laptops, media players and anything else in between to display two separate output sources. Tesira can be controlled via an external touch screen system, software interface and through a series of recalled presets. Audio system for small auditorium. This is available in varied specifications as … A large system expects that multiple users may be manipulating audio and video controls at the same time. The network will combine one 48-port 1000BASE-T copper switch and one 48-port 10GBASE-SR fiber switch uplinked together. With our experienced AV installation company, we can integrate a myriad of high tech equipment into the board room for multimedia presentations, wireless video options, and stunning projection systems! A wide variety of auditorium sound system options are available to you, There are 107 suppliers who sells auditorium sound system on Alibaba.com, mainly located in Asia.
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